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Strona główna Język angielski A ghost story - Opowiadanie o duchach

A ghost story - Opowiadanie o duchach

ghost story, story
ghost story, story

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It was the first time we were about to visit the cemetery at night. We left my house at 2 a. m. and went along a narrow path. There was almost no moonlight. Even though it was much darker than we’d expected, nobody made any complaint –  nobody wanted to be regarded as a coward.

I went first. I was the oldest one but that was not the reason. Among others there was Betty, our neighbour’s daughter, in whom I’d fallen in love with. I had to show that I was not afraid of anything and although in fact I was shaking with fear, I stayed calm on the outside.

The closer the cemetery was, the more anxious we were. Finally, we reached the gates. Only after I had turned back did I realize that there were only four persons out of six. Nobody knew what had happened to the missing two. It was too late to come back, though. As we reached our destination, we were determined to watch John Millners’ grave. (...)

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