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  • My summer adventure (story) - Moja wakacyjna przygoda (opowiadanie)

    It was a hot summer afternoon of 2005. I was enjoying a short holiday in Kraków, together with my family. Happily, my best friend’s parents were friends with my mum and dad and they all decided to go together on this weekend trip to Poland’s most beautiful city. I was very happy that me and Julia could spend this time together... »

  • A story about holidays - Opowiadanie o wakacjach

    My longest summer holiday was when I graduated from high school. It was four long months. There's a lot one can do in this time. I decided to travel. My first destination was the country I had always wanted to visit – Finland. Shortly after getting my exams' results, I set off for my dream trip. I chose not to fly but to drive. This way I ... »

  • Romantic story - Romantyczna historia

    TAGI: love story

    Lisa walked into the restaurant looking forward to a pleasant evening with her friends. She left her red coat in the cloakroom and headed to the table she had booked earlier. She sat down to wait for Anna, Tom and Joe. When they arrived, Lisa ordered the food. They ate, drank wine and laughed. It was a nice evening so they decided to continue it... »

  • A story about a strange encounter - Opowiadanie o dziwnym spotkaniu

    TAGI: story

    On boarding the ship I made my way to the cabin. Having left my luggage there I decided to get to know what the ship looks like. I had never travelled this way before and I was really interested in the way the whole thing worked. At first, I visited the restaurant. To my surprise, the menu wasn’t much different from those in casual restau... »

  • It was only a dream (story) - To był tylko sen (opowiadanie)

    TAGI: dream story

    This evening was nothing but special. Just a short, boring film interlaced with long even more boring adverts. After having watched the film long enough to decide it was high time to go to sleep I just brushed my teeth quickly and made my bed. Than eventually I could close my eyes and sleep with one thought in my head: 'you don’t have to w... »

  • Love story - Historia miłosna

    TAGI: love story

    This was my well-deserved vacation. I'd been working way too much then and I was simply tired. I decided to go to Florida to get some sun. June seemed to be the perfect month for it. Sitting all day long in an office doesn’t give you any tan! I bought myself a wonderful pink bikini and an airy short dress so I wouldn’t walk around in... »

  • Story about a family - Opowiadanie o rodzinie

    TAGI: story family

    The thought of the fact that I was adopted kept bothering me ever since I learnt about it. I kept asking myself why my biological mother didn't want me. Or maybe she died and that's why I was raised by someone else? But then what about my dad? I decided to find out the truth. The first thing to do was to ask my parents. And so I did. They told ... »

  • A story in which a failure of a certain device gives the main character an unexpected job offer - Opowiadanie, w którym awaria jakiegoś urządzenia sprawia, że główny bohater nieoczekiwanie otrzymuje propozycję pracy

    TAGI: job story

    Tom woke up in a good mood. It was another sunny day in Florida for him. Fourth day of his holiday by the ocean. After all, he had deserved it having worked his hands to the bone on that project. He got up, had a shower and went to the hotel buffet to grab some breakfast. 'Oh,' he thought to himself, 'these eggs they give here are delicious, I s... »

  • Story about an unfortunate love - Opowiadanie o nieszczęśliwej miłości

    Tom woke up in a good mood. Another day at work was to begin soon. He was enjoying his job. It was easy and they paid well. He liked the hasty life of the company and the ever-rushing people working there. He was also hoping to see Jenny today. Ah, yes, gorgeous Jenny. A tall, slim, beautiful co-worker. He liked her long blond hair and her eyes... »

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