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  • Description of a living room - Opis salonu

    This is Joanna's living room. It is the biggest room in her flat. One wall has windows and door leading to a big balcony. The room is painted in light orange. The floorboards are made of pear tree wood that has a nice, warm shade. There is a brownish carpet with an abstractive pattern in the middle of the room. Joanna has fitted her living room ... »

  • A letter of complaint about the hotel - List ze skargą na hotel

    Dear Sir/ Madam I am writing in order to complain about the hotel, in which we were accommodated during our stay in Barcelona. Before holidays we had been promised that our hotel would be of the highest standard. Unfortunately, it turned out to be much worse than it looked in the presented catalogue. First of all, it lacked some basic faciliti... »

  • Description of a dream room - Opis wymarzonego pokoju

    The room of my dreams would be big, much bigger than my current room. The floor would be wooden, partially covered with a dark red carpet. The room would be divided into two parts. The first one would be dim and dark. In the corner there would be a fireplace and a big, comfortable armchair. Near the armchair would stand a standard lamp. It would... »

  • Description of a bathroom - Opis łazienki

    The strangest bathroom I have ever seen belongs to my cousin. Some people like to have bright bathrooms, others like to have cosy ones. There are also people who value simplicity. For my cousin the most important thing is to enjoy the time he spends in this place. His bathroom must be a place where you'd like to stay for longer. It can’t b... »

  • Description of a bedroom - Opis sypialni

    My bedroom is an ordinary room. It doesn’t look unusual. It is not very big and the equipment is not new. However, it is a place were I like to spend most of my free time. My bedroom is located on the first floor, between my sister's room and the bathroom. It is a small room with a big, south facing window. Its walls are covered with brig... »

  • Description of my window view - Widok z mojego okna. Opis

    A friend once asked me what I see when I look through my window. Here it is then. I live in a flat on the sixth floor so the first thing I see is the sky. My window is to the west so in the evenings I can see some nice sunsets. If I come closer to the window and look carefully, I can see the view of Warsaw's district of Zoliborz. Near to me ther... »

  • Description of kitchen - Opis kuchni

    The kitchen in my home is a very nice place. It is always full of people. My family gathers here very often. We eat breakfast, dinner and supper. In the kitchen. We also rest here, sit and talk. We meet here during the whole day.    Our kitchen is quite a big room. There are two windows in there, so it is a bright, sunny place. The wa... »

  • Talking with a receptionist. Hotel dialog - Rozmawiając z recepcjonistą. Dialog w hotelu

    - Good morning.- Good morning. How can I help you?- We bought a holiday here in Naples from the Sunshine Travel Agency in Plymouth. We would like to check in and ask some questions.- Ah, yes, can you give me your names, please?- Surely. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. Tom and Anna.- Great. Yes, you appear on the list we got from Sunshine. Please fill in t... »

  • Description of a place - Opis miejsca

    As I love the Italian cuisine, yesterday I went to the new Italian restaurant that has recently been opened in our town. The interior is spacious, nice and cosy in general. Walls are painted with warm shade of orange and the floor is made of stone. The light – filtered through red curtains hanging from a big window – also gives the f... »

  • Description of my room - Opis mojego pokoju

    The place that makes me feel the best is my home. However, this is my room where I feel the safest and I come back there willingly after being the whole day at school. My room is rectangular in shape. It is sunny and colourful because the ceiling is cream-coloured and the four walls are in the hue of a red grapefruit. The floor panels are bright... »

  • Description of a restaurant - Opis restauracji

    My favourite restaurant is the 'Wild Oak' in Dartmouth. It is located downtown, near the Hilton hotel. Its building is an old tenement house; it has a lot of character. The front elevation is deep dark crimson with white floral decoration. The front door is made of ebony and smoked glass. As one steps inside, the first room they see is the hall ... »

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