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A special place I will never forget - Niezwykłe miejsce, którego nigdy nie zapomnę

childhood, memories, my special place


During our lives we mostly change flats or houses. There are new addresses in our identity cards and nowadays it is not unusual that we do not spend our whole lives in one places as our predecessors. However from my point of view there is always one place that we like the most. A place that stays deep in our memory since it is special, no matter the reason.

Even though I am young I have already lived in a few different places. There is only one, though, which I remember very clearly and I come back there from time to time. What for? Just to check if everything is the same or if there are any significant changes.

The place I am talking about is a place where I grew up. I lived with my parents and my younger brother in a block of flats on a housing estate in one of Polish cities. When I was a small child it was still being built since it was a 'newly born' housing estate. The roads there were as wide as those in the United States and car parks were really spacious. I couldn’t appreciate it at that time. For me the only important thing was that there was enough space to play football.

As the estate was new, there was a great number of young families with small children. I couldn’t complain then – there were many children to make friends with...

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