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Interesting places in the world (essay) - Ciekawe miejsca na świecie (esej)

A wonder of the world is something that arouses admiration and fear at the same time. Humans were always fascinated by stunning things and they would outdo one another in covering Earth with the biggest, the highest and the heaviest buildings that could have been built using current technology and skills. I mean both modern hydroelectric dam on river Panama – Itaipu and Stonehenge. The wind is swaying the CN Tower in Toronto of height 535m, and the Empire State Building was the highest in the world for 40 years. It presents similarly to the Eiffel Tower and  middle-aged cathedrals what people, who desire reaching the sky, can afford.

The other things like Panama Chanel, Trans-Siberian Railway and the Aswan Dam are perfect examples of the art of building, defeating the distance and mastering the nature. One has to be aware of that such monuments like Stonehenge, Great Wall of China, rock churches in Ethiopia were built without utilizing modern technology.  The wonders can entail mystery and riddles. You feel the atmosphere of secret in the shadow of the Great Pyramids in Egypt, among the temples in the Maya cities, or in the patterns on the desert plateau in Nazca. Some buildings were a probe of creating a paradise on the Earth. Shah Jehan who built the Red Fort in Delhi used to say about it: 'If there is a paradise somewhere on the Earth, it is right here'.

However this not the only place called like that. Alhambra in Spain and Tokapi palace in Istanbul were built in accordance to the same principle. One has to be conscious how much the human race achieved but you cannot forget about the wonders created by nature itself. Everybody should visit the Yellow Stone park, explore the Sahara Desert or even see the Mount Everest. There are so many places on the entire Earth that are worth seeing that unfortunately the live is too short to admire them all…

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