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A story about the adventure of your life - Opowiadanie o największej przygodzie twojego życia

It is a common truth that each of us is supposed to experience the greatest adventure of his life during holidays. There is a grain of truth in this belief, however it does not have to be like that in each case. Maybe this was not the most unique and special experience of my life or I am an exception of the rule but that really usual rainy and gloomy day was certainly not a harbinger of anything worth mentioning.
The alarm clock woke me up just like on every other day. I hardly opened my eyes and I barely dragged myself out of bed. The only sound I could hear in my house was the noise of working fridge. There was only light in it, no food so I came to the conclusion to eat something at school and leave the kitchen only after having taken a huge gulp of coffee. There was nothing unusual around me, just typical creative chaos of the place in which I used to spend majority of my time. I just pulled on some clothes and after five seconds in the bathroom I could announce to the world that I had been ready for the slowly coming chores of the day.

I was about to press down the door handle when I caught a glimpse of lock being turned. It meant I was not supposed to leave my house because if one turned the key in the lock from the outer side, the person inside was not capable of opening the door from the inside. You could think I should have jumped for joy as I was given a perfect excuse not to go to school that day, but I had great misgivings about that fact. They started to get fulfilled even faster than I thought…

A telephone rang and when I answered it I froze to the spot. It was the headmaster of my school calling in order to inform me that I will be expelled from school if I don’t come to school that day. It sent shivers up and down my spine because my parents are really strict, and they would not be delighted with this situation at all. I tried to call any of my friends thanks to whom I could leave this trap by dropping the keys from the windows so that he could set me free. To my amazement I found that my mobile was not there where I had left it the day before and I really could not recall any number to call somebody from the stationary phone.

I began to think about bungee jumping from the 5th floor, when the sound of the phone ringing had me back on my feet. It was my brother. The only thing he said before hanging up was: 'April Fools’ Day!'. I realized than that it was him who imitated the headmaster of my school. I felt some kind of relief but no one would like to be in my brother’s shoes when he came back home.

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