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Write a short story about school - Napisz krótkie opowiadanie na temat szkoły

When the classroom door opened, everybody went silent. There she was – skinny, pale, with these huge glasses on her crooked nose. She was wearing a loose sweater and jeans. She knew that everybody looked at her as if she was the ugliest creature in the world but she simply didn’t care. She could’ve been the ugliest but she was also the most frightening one.

Mrs Klukovsky. The unquestionable school legend. None of the teachers appeared in students’ nightmares as often as her. Some of the students couldn’t even have nightmares because thinking about lessons with her deprived them of sleep. One may understand then that when she opened the classroom door everybody wanted to be invisible. To hide and not to be seen by her large eyes.

Mrs Klukovsky sat at her desk. The worst was about to come. She used to start her lessons picking out somebody from the class and asking them questions. It didn’t sound like asking, though. It sounded like torturing.

- Mickiewicz! – she shouted suddenly.

Mickiewicz stood up slowly and the rest of his classmates sighed with relief. He began to sweat. He knew that he was going to be executed. Mrs Klukovsky found his poems and Mickiewicz was sure that she was just about to tear them in front of the whole class. He didn’t even want to think what else she wanted to do.

- Mickiewicz – she began. She just glanced at him and continued – You don’t have to answer today. You just have to pick out one of your friends and I’m going to ask them some questions.

Mickiewicz couldn’t believe his luck. Something like that hadn’t happened ever before. He sighed with relief and the rest of his classmates began to sweat but it could be easily foreseen who was going to be asked questions that day. Słowacki was shaking with fear. Everybody knew that Mickiewicz hated him...

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