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Arguments and suffering: being hurt. Description of a picture - Kłótnie i cierpienie: bycie skrzywdzonym. Opis obrazka

argument, feelings, problems, friends, description, picture, picture description


Exemplary questions:

What/who can you see in the picture? What kinds of feelings accompany them? What are the relations between those people? What kind of feelings do they have towards each other? What kind of situation can be presented in the picture? (What happened/is happening?)

Exemplary answers:

In the picture, I can see two young people standing with their backs turned on each other. The girl has long black hair. She's wearing a black jumper and a chequered red skirt. The man has short brown hair. He has a navy shirt and a black jacket on.

They look like they were a couple of lovers. They seem to be resentful towards each other, though. They might have just had a fight. One feels hurt by the other and vice versa. She could feel offended by his flirting with another girl. He might have misinterpreted some of her words. Misunderstandings are the stingiest causes of fights.

Certainly words they didn’t want to hear had been said. The couple must be experiencing some kind of a crisis. They need to talk about the unsolved matters. What is important, they have to talk calmly, try to understand the other person and work on compromise.

They've know each other for too long and care about each other far too much to make a mountain out of a molehill. All the bad feelings, like anger, being offended and disappointment will go away if only they try to talk.

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