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My hobby (description) - Moje hobby (opis)

Nowadays having an interesting hobby is not very common any more. Both youngsters and adults prefer sitting in front of a screen and watch the same film hundred times or play some video games. It can hardly be called a hobby though.

However, I do have an unique occupation. I play piano and keyboard in a band. There was always a piano in the house of mine and one day my mother could not stand any more that I am just punching the keys by random and enrolled me to a course where I was supposed to learn how to play little bit more artistically. I was not very content about this fact but as the years were passing I began to like it more and more. Now I am able to play without score as I know the music by heart.

I have a band with my friends and we play sometimes together. Maybe we will once record an album? Who knows. All in all playing piano or keyboard relaxes me a lot and when I am really stressed or nerved I often sit at the piano and begin to play. I close my eyes and let the hands produce the sounds, which calms me down and makes the problems disappear. Such a hobby is really unusual because not many of my acquaintances can play an instrument and if they can it is a guitar.

I am really thankful that my mother made me once attend the piano course.

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