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A summer job you would like to have - Praca wakacyjna, którą chciałbyś mieć

Each of us have dreamed at least once in their live to have a summer job. However, can any job be so desirable to want to spend two months of one’s free time during summer on working instead of sunbathing, swimming and having fun on the beach at the seaside? Many would argue about it but the answer is yes although you have to keep in mind that even a dream job cannot be assumed as a perfect job for everybody, and even a perfect job can become a mundane duty after two months.

What do you associate with the term 'summer job'? The first though is becoming a barman. It sounds really seducing but it is a chore indeed. It has really more drawbacks than benefits. You have to prepare your dive before the first guests come. You have to stay to late night and sometimes to early morning in order to wait for the clients to leave and in order to clean after them. It is really no fun and even if you are given some tips you have to share them with all the coworkers and you will certainly not earn too much.

The other common holiday job for students is working at the production line. It is more than a nightmare. If you do not have to you should not try it at all. The remuneration is poor and you will feel everyday as if you have thrown 10 tons of coal. Moreover you have to work in shifts so actually you never know whether you will be capable of meet your friends the next week or not because of having to work at night.

Is there a dream summer job at all? Of course there is one. If you have enough luck you will be offered to test the wear of sun loungers at a sunny beach somewhere on the Bahamas and this what I actually dream of. I dream to lay on a lounger, listen to sea waves and sunbath but to be paid for it at the same time. I am quite sure somebody has to test them so this year during holidays I will search for this job in the Internet to get it!

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