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Should we learn foreign languages? (essay) - Czy powinniśmy uczyć się języków obcych? (esej)

That we should learn foreign languages is out of question nowadays. The amount of benefits resulting from the fact we can communicate in any foreign language is infinite. Progressing globalization, opened borders and labour markets, growing popularity of Internet and spending holidays abroad make us know at least one foreign language.

The value of  'our share packets' grows, the labour market on which we are capable of finding a job of our dreams expands. Nowadays many people are convinced that knowing a foreign language is essential, minimum requirement while searching for an attractive work offer.

Knowing a foreign language is of use not only as far as the career is concerned. We can more effectively develop our interest for example by exchanging our observations with people inhabiting other countries, and following on from this having a different fund of experiences connected with the given interest.

Forming friendships with foreigners has never been so easy before. The key is level of us knowing the language. It does not need any explanation how much more interesting a trip abroad would be if one would be able to fix everything oneself – as in the motherland. Organizing trips on one’s own is far more interesting and even cheaper than taking advantage of offers given by a travel agency, however on condition we know the language of the very country.

There are many more arguments for learning actually any foreign language (not mentioning the global ones like English or Spanish). Everybody could list at least a few more with great ease. That is exactly why one cannot delay taking up learning.

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