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My plans for holidays - Moje plany na wakacje

When I was younger, I didn’t use to make holiday plans in advance. I simply decided to go somewhere the following day. Sometimes, I hit the road on my own. However, my friends often decided to join me. We travelled through many countries this way, mostly hitch-hiking or travelling by train, not having tickets, of course.

It was a long time ago, though. Now I crave for other types of adventures. I do not want to spend most of my holidays on highways, being captured by the policemen, sleeping in tents on petrol stations. Many things have changed since I was a young boy. As a result, I have already made some plans for this years’ holidays.

At first, I am going to visit my grandmother who lives at the seaside. I haven’t gone there for holidays since I was twelve. We always used to visit her during Christmas and Easter, when it was quite cold and you had to lose your mind to swim in the sea, let alone sunbathing. This year I am going to do all these things, though. I would also like to visit all the lighthouses that are spread along Polish seaside.

I think that I will stay there for at least two weeks. Then, I’m going to travel abroad. I have never been to Great Britain and, since my brother studies there now, I have a wonderful opportunity to go there. My brother has already promised to show me the most famous London landmarks, like Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. As I am a football fan, I am going to visit some stadiums as well – e. g. the Emirates, Stamford Bridge, White Hart Lane and Craven Cottage.

When I come back from England, I will still have plenty of time to visit other places. I have been thinking about travelling to Spain, since I have not been there for the last four years. However, I don’t know yet if I can afford it. Tickets to Spain are still quite expensive but I could go hitch-hiking once more. I think that I would enjoy being on the road again, if I was sure that I was going to reach Spanish beaches.

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