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A letter to an English friend - List do przyjaciela z Anglii

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Dear Martin,

I am really sorry I did not answer your letter for such a long period of time but unfortunately I do not have time to gather my thoughts and to drop you a line about what I have been up to. And the truth is that there is so much happening around me right now that if I was only capable of writing a book I would write an autobiographical one.

As you probably know I am going to take maturity exam this year. Polish government is full of ideas and the newest one concerns maths as being obligatory to pass. It is really a huge problem for me because I have hardly mastered multiplication tables and now I am supposed to pass an exam in this subject, which is a closed book for me. I have to take extra lessons now but I do hope I will pass it anyway. Just keep your fingers crossed, please…

The other thing that bothers me pretty much is a school party called 'Studniowka'. There is no equivalent in England of this kind of a party but what matters is that it is a formal dance held a hundred days before the school-leaving exams. We have to prepare polonaise and the trainings are making me run out of time. However, you can be proud of me as my partner is the prettiest girl in the whole school so everybody is jealous about it and I get lots of satisfaction from it.

The third thing is Christmas. I do not like this holiday to much as the preparations are exhausting and last four weeks, whereas the holiday itself lasts up to three days. There is no sense in working your hands to the bones for two fortnights in order to be so tired that one cannot really appreciate the magic of this time.

I hope you will send me Christmas card, will you? I will send one to you for sure and I hope we will see each other in summer as I will have the longest holidays ever – four months!

Best regards and take care!


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