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Describe your favourite actor - Opisz swojego ulubionego aktora

William Bradley 'Brad' Pitt was born on 18 December 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, but he grew up in Springfield, Missouri, where his family moved after his birth.

In 1980’s, after finishing high school, he enrolled in the University of Missouri, where he studied journalism. However, he didn’t get a degree – only two weeks before earning it he left the university and decided to move. He headed for Los Angeles, where he was about to take acting lessons.

It took some time before he was given a chance to star in a movie. Meanwhile, he had to earn money to pay for his lessons. Like many others in this city, who dreamed of being a movie star, he worked as a chauffeur. He also dressed up as an El Pollo Loco (eng. 'Crazy Chicken') and it clearly shows how hard it was in the beginning.

His onscreen career began in 1987 but he had to wait till 1991 to be noticed by the audience and movie critics. Thanks to his supporting role in 'Thelma and Louise', he became well known and his worldwide career could finally begin.

The turning point came three years later. He starred alongside Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst and Christian Slater in the film 'Interview with the vampire'. Although critics did not praise him for his acting, he could finally be regarded as a movie star.

In the following years, Brad Pitt played numerous leading and supporting roles, receiving two Academy Award nominations and four Golden Globe Award nominations, winning one. The characters created by him in some of the movies became cult – like Tyler Durden, a charismatic sociopath in Fight Club or an Irish Gypsy boxer with an unforgettable accent, in Guy Ritchie's gangster film 'Snatch'.

Playing diverse roles, he is not regarded only as a pretty boy, although he was labelled as such at the very beginning of his career. As a policeman in 'Seven', he proved that he was not only a handsome but also a talented actor. What is more, he showed several times that he could make sacrifices to improve his final performance. While preparing for the role in 'Fight Club' he took boxing and taekwondo lessons and agreed to have pieces of his front teeth removed. Before starring in 'Troy', in turn, he had a sword training, and while on set, he hurt himself so badly that it delayed production for several weeks.

Pitt’s relationships with women have been as famous as his performances. Among his former girlfriends and wives there are Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston. At the moment he is in a world – famous relationship with Angelina Jolie, raising six children – three, which they have given birth to and three adopted ones.

Brad Pitt was twice named by 'People' the Sexiest Man Alive. He is widely considered to be handsome – women tend to fall in love with his penetrating look and his laugh being his trademark. The fact that he is a well-built man also seems to be of importance.

Nevertheless, he has proven many times that as far as he is concerned, this is not only body that counts. His excellent performances in particular movies are deep in my memory. I love his ability to transform – he can play diverse roles and his characters always seem to be so real. Thanks to his unique skills, some films will never fall into oblivion.

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