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Living in a big city or in a village - what do you prefer? (opinion) - Mieszkać w dużym mieście czy w wiosce - co wolisz? (opinia)

A village as a quiet place is perfect for everybody searching for nature and its relaxing power. City on the other hand is a place for people in search for sensation, entertainment and modernity. Both these places have as many benefits as drawbacks. A village can be indicated as Arcadia – an ideal mythological place, however it is a common truth that there are no perfect things around us. A city could be compared to a miniature of hell, where one will know no peace as the chores, our mundane duties will remind of themselves unusually willingly.

Despite this fact I prefer living in a city to dwelling a village. If you live in a village the only entertainment is going for a walk to the nearest forest or… travelling to the city. That is why there is no point to leave it in order to pay later for travelling back.

There are dozens of cultural facilities and places for young people to arrange their meetings in the cities. One is capable of planning something different for each day. You cannot get bored in the city, as you are constantly exploring new places and meeting new people. It is not possible while living in a village where you have explored every place after one month.

As far as means of transport are concerned, the city is much more convenient to dwell. If one wants to entertain himself, one just leaves home and goes to the nearest bus stop to go to the city centre – it is similar for both citizens and peasants. However, you have to be aware of the fact that the buses from villages come every two hours and are often overcrowded. The worst thing about them is unfortunately the fact that the last one comes often at 9 pm, which is relatively early to come back if you are enjoying yourself at a party in a pub.

It is certainly easier to acquire knowledge in a city as you have a large selection of schools, universities and additional courses. There are more libraries too. It gives the opportunity to improve one’s skills and abilities, which is advisable if you want to be offered a well-paid job in the future. The way the schools are equipped in the cities is far more profitable for the students as well.

On the other hand the peasants know each other well and there exists some kind of unity between them. It is the city however where the development of a human being is at the first place and the abilities one may gain in the city will generate a good profit in the future. Dwelling the city makes everything available but you have to be conscious of how to make use of these possibilities in a correct way.

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