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It was only a dream (story) - To był tylko sen (opowiadanie)


This evening was nothing but special. Just a short, boring film interlaced with long even more boring adverts. After having watched the film long enough to decide it was high time to go to sleep I just brushed my teeth quickly and made my bed. Than eventually I could close my eyes and sleep with one thought in my head: 'you don’t have to wake up before ten o’clock'.

There was something different in that night though. I could not fall asleep however hard I tried. The time was passing and I was still more fidgeting in my bed rather than dreaming about some nice paradise. Suddenly I felt my muscles get relaxed, my whole body go numb and… I finally felt asleep.

It was summer. That was actually what I thought, the sun was shining, I heard a funny melody accompanied by birdsong. When I was watching the film, brushing my teeth and making the bed I am quite sure I was fifteen years old, however I was a small toddler taking a walk near a river. Did the time turn back? The river was flowing slowly. Suddenly I felt anxious I was about to go home when something triggered me to look up. The heaven became overcast, the wind was blowing with more and more strength. Just a minute ago the river was so quiet and now the rapids looked perilously. I began to be afraid…...

TAGI: dream story

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