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It was only a dream (story) - To był tylko sen (opowiadanie)

This evening was nothing but special. Just a short, boring film interlaced with long even more boring adverts. After having watched the film long enough to decide it was high time to go to sleep I just brushed my teeth quickly and made my bed. Than eventually I could close my eyes and sleep with one thought in my head: 'you don’t have to wake up before ten o’clock'.

There was something different in that night though. I could not fall asleep however hard I tried. The time was passing and I was still more fidgeting in my bed rather than dreaming about some nice paradise. Suddenly I felt my muscles get relaxed, my whole body go numb and… I finally felt asleep.

It was summer. That was actually what I thought, the sun was shining, I heard a funny melody accompanied by birdsong. When I was watching the film, brushing my teeth and making the bed I am quite sure I was fifteen years old, however I was a small toddler taking a walk near a river. Did the time turn back? The river was flowing slowly. Suddenly I felt anxious I was about to go home when something triggered me to look up. The heaven became overcast, the wind was blowing with more and more strength. Just a minute ago the river was so quiet and now the rapids looked perilously. I began to be afraid… Of what?

I am still not very sure about it but the fact was the only feeling I experienced was fear at that very moment. The fear was growing exponentially with each glance at the white water and trees bending forwards and backwards. The birds that used to whistle their birdsongs would now howl in pain. The trees began to grow and their branches form now human shapes asking for help. I sped up just in time since everything behind me began to level down…I could hear cracks and thud! I am running now home, where no trees are in view. I can’t hear anything but my heart pumping hectolitres of blood per second. Suddenly – empty space around me. No house, no trees no river. When I looked back, I saw an old hooded being heaving a few inches over the earth. He would be closer to me with every second. I felt his cold grip on my arm when…

I heard the sound I hated the most but which I was grateful to hear at that very moment. I am not even interested who was that man but the trickles of sweat were still coming down my back. I could now take a deep breath – it was only a dream…

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