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My holidays (description) - Moje wakacje (opis)

Everybody likes holidays, especially after the ten months long school year. I like this period of time either and if it looked always like this year, I would appreciate it even more.    

This summer was more than special. It was the very first time I had the opportunity to visit other continent. My parents took my to Egypt, which had been always my dream, thanks to good marks on my school report. We spent almost a fortnight in this astonishing desert-like country. I could learn the customs and traditions of local people, admire one of the wonders of the world and furthermore dive. I am very keen on diving, and the views of Mediterranean reefs were really breathtaking.

After two weeks in Africa I spent another three with my best friends on a sailing boat on Mazurian lakes. We sailed almost the whole time, however we moored our yacht to the pier in every bigger town to check whether there is something worth seeing in it. The weather was beautiful and there was only one day when it was raining whereas the rest was hot and sunny.

Unfortunately, I had to spend the remaining three weeks in the city but luckily there is an outdoor swimming pool not far away from my house so I had a whale of time there. These holidays were certainly the best in my life.

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