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  • Description of spring - Opis wiosny

    After a long, cold winter, spring comes. In the calendar, the first day of astronomical spring falls on March 21st. However, the real spring, when you're able to observe changes in weather, occurs in April, sometimes in May. It is the most wonderful time of the year. Everything comes back to life. Flowers begin to bloom, hibernated animals wake ... »

  • Description of winter - Opis zimy

    Winter in Poland begins on 22nd December. It is the coldest season  of the whole year. After autumn, the days are colder and shorter. The sun shines weakly and even the colour of the sky is cold blue. Everything around is gloomy and grey. The bare trees, the lack of green grass, mud and puddles, all of this makes the world look sad. People ... »

  • English weather - description - Angielska pogoda - opis

    Typical English weather seems to be invariable throughout the whole year and, unfortunately, it doesn't stand for anything bright or optimistic. The temperature there is not that much lower in winter comparing it to the summer temperature. Still, English summers aren't very warm either. The main feature of the English weather is that it rains a... »

  • Description of dream winter break - Opis wymarzonych ferii

    I haven't had a perfect winter break yet. Let me describe my dreams now. My ideal break would last at least three weeks. During that time I would go on a snowboarding camp. There I would snowboard a lot. I would also meet many new people and have a fun with them. When we would be tired of skiing or snowboarding we would go and walk around the s... »

  • Description of a favourite season - Opis ulubionej pory roku

    Summer is the season I love the most. I like autumn for the colours of the leaves, and I like spring because of the beautiful flowers. However, sunny summer days are the most enjoyable days in the whole year for me. Summer starts in June, when the weather is nice and warm. The temperature is steady. The sun rises earlier than in winter, so the ... »

  • Spending free time: description of a picture - Spędzanie czasu wolnego: opis obrazka

    Exemplary questions: What/who can you see in the picture? How can this person feel? What kind of a situation may be presented here? (What happened/is happening?) What can she be thinking about? Exemplary answer: In the picture, I can see a girl lying on the grass. She is tall and slim. Her long hair is dark brown. She's wearing a blue white-d... »

  • Description of the weather in Poland - Opis pogody w Polsce

    Poland is rather a bright and sunny country, although it is not very warm. Most days of the year are sunny and weather changes aren't sudden and fast. Polish weather is rather long-lasting, for example sometimes it rains constantly for a few days or even more. It is much colder in Poland during winter than in the summer. Winters are frosty, sno... »

  • Description of autumn - Opis jesieni

    Autumn begins on 23rd September  and ends on 22nd December. After springtime comes a time of rainy weather. The first month of autumn is usually nice and sunny. Although the sun is not as strong as in the summer, it is still pleasantly warm outside. Days are getting shorter and the sun rises later. There are more cloudy and drizzly days. T... »

  • Happiness and joy: description of a picture - Szczęście i radość: opis obrazka

    Exemplary answer: In the picture, I can see a young lady standing outside, in the middle of a lupine field. The plants cover up a vast area. Back in the distance, there are some trees: some green, some leafless. The girl is standing between the yellow flowers. She is tall and slim. Her long dark hair are tied back in a ponytail. She is wearing... »

  • Description of winter break - Opis ferii

    This year my winter break started on Monday 18th January and ended on Sunday, 1st February. During the first week I stayed at home. I helped my mother with housework and I did the homework the teachers gave us. I also was going out with friends every day. We were sledging and ice-skating. We also made several snowmen with carrot noses and coal ... »

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