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My idol (description) - Mój idol (opis)


Many of us have idols but the point is not to follow the steps of somebody just known for being known but of somebody who did something for the world to become a better place. We try to imitate, look and behave like the VIPs but let's answer the question if they are really worth being our examples. It really does not have to be someone famous. It can as well be a member of our family or even our best friend.

Nowadays what matters for most of us is money and material things. People would forget about other people who are in need. They concentrated on themselves and the things they desire. However, the world does not consist of one man. There was somebody in the history of our planet who would convince people to act in the opposite way and it was the pope John Paul II. It is seemingly a pope like other popes but there was something in him what made him differ.

John Paul was always on the side of people who were experienced by their lives. He would do all his best to give them his hand. He used to meet them during his pilgrimages, pray with them and cheer them up. He was in pain as well. The grimace of pain was to be seen with great ease. He did not try disguise it or hide it as if he wanted us to see that is part of our lives. He was not afraid of showing his tears...

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