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Advantages and disadvantages of using mobile phones (essay) - Wady i zalety używania telefonów komórkowych (rozprawka)

Ten years ago only a tiny percentage of people used mobile phones. They were expensive and not very comfortable but since then the situation has changed. Mobile phones are now much cheaper and even those who do not earn much can afford to have one. They became much smaller too. To make a long story short – it is hard to imagine the world without mobiles. What makes them so special? What do we need them for? Is it only a convenient device or does it have a negative impact on our lives as well?

Beyond any doubt mobile phones have many advantages. It seems quite obvious – their popularity cannot be just a matter of sheer luck. They are a part of the world, in which communication is of great importance and mobiles are one of the most substantial parts of a global communication scheme. They enable us to stay in touch with whoever we like almost all the time. Unlike stationary phones, you can use them while doing shopping, wandering through a forest or travelling by train.

In addition to this, we can deduce how convenient this must be for businessmen. For people like them, whose hours of work are not restricted to a period of time spent in an office, mobiles are now irreplaceable. Thanks to them, managers and those who run their own company may react really fast to a changing market situation, no matter where they are.

I have already mentioned a few advantages, there are much more of them, though. As far as our safety is concerned, we can use mobiles in order to make emergency calls. Since they gained in popularity, many people have been rescued. It concerns not only car accidents but also those happening in the mountains.

Supposedly, a great number of parents regard mobile phones as very helpful devices. Now they can control their children more efficiently and thanks to them are less bothered. They do not have to worry whether their child is safe. In the past, an average parent could be out of his mind when its offspring did not come home at the same time as usual. Nowadays it is enough to make a quick call.

On the other hand, mobile phones have some disadvantages and almost nobody denies that. Because of their increasing popularity people tend to use them almost everywhere. At times this may lead to dangerous situations. Despite all the warnings, we can still run into a careless driver who does not realise that it is almost impossible to keep focused while talking on the phone. Due to the lack of concentration, such drivers react more slowly, causing many car accidents every year.

What is more, mobile phones affect our social life. We are not as outgoing as we used to be and not willing to get to know each other. While being surrounded by strangers, we prefer to send a text message or make a call rather than make friends. As a result, we might miss numerous opportunities to meet interesting persons.

Last but not least, mobiles are thought to affect our health. Researches carried out in the recent years show that the abuse may even lead to a cancer. Therefore, due to safety reasons, we should not be exposed to the waves emitted by our mobiles for too long.

To sum up, mobile phones have advantages and disadvantages alike. However, it seems that the problems they may cause are outnumbered by the benefits they bring. They let us stay in touch with whoever we want and may contribute to rescuing people. If reasonably used, mobiles will definitely make our lives easier and will improve our standard of living.

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