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An essay on environment protection - Esej o ochronie środowiska


Although from time to time scientists announce that they have found a planet, which is similar to Earth, it is not very likely that we could leave our planet in the near future. There is not any better place to live in our solar system. All of the hypothetical destinations are very far away and moving there is not possible yet. 'Why do we even need to consider such an opportunity?' – you may ask. Our planet is beautiful and leaving it does not sound like a brilliant idea. Probably most of us would never consider living somewhere else. Unfortunately, it may turn out that our preferences will not be the most important factor. The Earth can be so devastated that it will not be a friendly habitat neither for us nor for other creatures. 

Along with the development of human societies, we could observe the ongoing destruction of our planet. As a result, the environment has suffered a lot. Our rivers and seas are more contaminated than ever, the air is being polluted heavily and we may soon run out of natural resources. This is only the tip of the iceberg, though. The problems are so severe and there are so many of them that in a few years we might completely destroy nature. This, in turn, can be very harmful for us. It is even hard to predict how many problems our present...

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