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How many different kinds of friends are there? (essay) - Czy istnieją różne rodzaje przyjaciół? (esej)

According to an old saying: 'a friend in need is a friend indeed'. It means that in certain circumstances it may turn out if the other person is you friend or not. Usually we tend to call somebody a friend, even though it would be hard to distinguish between them and other acquaintances. And, if asked, we do not know how to explain that we regard our relationship as friendship. It shows that we tend to define friendship in many different ways.

Those definitions may convince us that friendship is not as extraordinary as we may think. We do not wait till we are in need to call somebody a friend. Meanwhile, we admit that a special bond between two people who are not in love might exist. Maybe there is not only one type of friendship and various kinds of friends. Let’s consider the matter.

First of all, we may discuss an issue of acquaintances being mistaken for friendships. We search for persons who are similar to us. We spend our free time with those who share the same beliefs and take interest in the same things as we do. It takes time, though, before we can call somebody a friend. We may accompany each other, but we can still be only acquaintances. When time goes by, we can get to know other person’s reactions and their attitude to your relationship. You can observe their behaviour when you are in need. If you cannot count on them and their behaviour is inexplicable, these are not real friends.

Fortunately, not all the 'friendships' end up this way. There are still people who are capable of sacrificing for their friends and they can be called the real ones. Supposedly, plenty of people consider their parent a friend. Sometimes even both of them. It means a lot when you can rely on your parents and tell them about everything you are worried about. Your life seems to be much easier when there is a supporting family and caring parents, who love you regardless of circumstances. I may say that I am the lucky one, since there is nothing I have to hide from my parents. I know that I can tell them about what I struggle against and I am bound not to be misunderstood.

Surprisingly enough, those in love can make friends as well. Although we seem to believe that love differs from being friends, it doesn’t mean that friendship between couples is impossible. In fact, the most successful couples are those that include friendship. Many women emphasize that what they appreciate the most is the fact that their husbands support them and do not let them give up. They give a helping hand whenever it is necessary and even without being asked for it.

Our workmates might also turn out to be our friends. Although at work we ought to focus on fulfilling our commitments, workplaces abound with troublesome situations. If we experience any hardships, it is a blessing when there is anybody who does not only think about their own benefits but can offer you help.

To sum up, we can make friends almost everywhere. In reality, it happens quite rarely and therefore true friends are so exceptional. If we had plenty of them, there would be nothing special about having one. Since having a friend is not a common experience, we should care for them. No matter if they are our family members, spouses or workmates.

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