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AIDS - the plague of our times (essay) - AIDS - zaraza naszych czasów (esej)


Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease caused by a specific virus. Because of its influence, the immune system becomes less effective and individuals are more susceptible to infections.

The AIDS pandemic is a scientific fact nowadays. In 2007, 33.2 million people lived with it worldwide, and it is estimated that AIDS killed 2.1 million people at that time. Three out of four deaths caused by the disease occurred in Africa. An awareness of being infected with HIV is not common in many regions, especially in developing countries. For instance, the vast majority of adults in Africa has never been tested. Likewise, most of pregnant women there are not even counselled, let alone being tested.

This is what makes the AIDS problem very serious. To make matters worse, even though there are treatments for the disease that can weaken its impact, no efficient vaccine or cure is currently obtainable. The already existing, imperfect treatments are expensive and, as a result, not in every country proper medication is available. Since there are many difficulties faced in treating the infection, preventing it becomes a priority as far as controlling the AIDS pandemic is concerned.

However, slowing the spread of the virus is not an easy task. Although strategies...

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