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Advantages and disadvantages of the Internet (essay) - Zalety i wady Internetu (rozprawka)


How would our lives look like without the Internet? Such an idea may soon be included in a science-fiction movie plot, this is how unlikely it seems to be. Most of us can barely remember the times when we could deal without this invention. In many regions it’s commonly used and its popularity is still growing worldwide. The majority of world leaders are of the opinion that Internet access equals progress and try to provide their countries with this facility. Does the Internet have any disadvantages?

It certainly does, but undoubtedly what we notice at the very beginning are its advantages. First and foremost, in today’s fast moving world, the Internet along with mobile phones enable us to communicate as quickly as it is required. As for the Internet, there is also no better way to gain information about any aspect of our everyday lives. This means all sorts of events, educational issues, seeking for job opportunities and many others.

Moreover, thanks to the Internet you won’t waste your time while planning various activities. If you don’t want to miss your flight, you can check the schedule on the Internet. Aside from it you can also book tickets and make a reservation at a hotel in your destination place. Let alone familiarizing with all...

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