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An introduction letter to a English penfriend - List o sobie do korespondencyjnego przyjaciela

Dear Martin,

I came across your address in Internet while searching for a penfriend. My name is XXX and I am from the centre of Poland – Lodz. It is quite possible you have never heard of this city, although it is the second biggest one in Poland. It does not stand out from the other towns in Poland though. It is as normal and ordinary that one could say it is annoyingly boring. I am 18 and I am going to take the maturity exam this year so learning is what I am occupied the most with. I will attach a photo so that you will know how I look like.

I would like to tell you something about my country that is underestimated by Poles themselves but I do think it is one of the most beautiful and diversified countries in the world. We have access to the Baltic Sea. It is maybe not that warm as the Mediterranean but the water is clean and the beaches stretch out along the northern border. There are also picturesque lakes in the north-eastern part of the country. They so amazing that they are placed on the UNESCO list. As you probably know Warsaw is the capital. It has ca 2 million inhabitants and there is the highest building of Poland which is called Palace of Culture and Science. What is really interesting is the fact that the very city was razed to the ground after World War II but now it looks like it has never been levelled. The second famous city is Cracow – the previous capital. There are lots of legends regarding this city that I could tell you if want in the next letter. The snap is that the dwellers of Cracow and Warsaw do not have a liking for each other to such a degree that hundreds of jokes about them emerged.

Tell me something about your country and about yourself. This letter is not very long in order not to discourage you from reading it to the very end but I promise that the next one will be much longer.

Best regards,

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