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Should cars be banned from a city centres? (opinion) - Czy samochodom powinno się zabronić wjazdu do centrum miasta? (opinia)

There are lots of cars in our city that are allowed to be driven actually anywhere. I think it is high time to change it as it is impermissible that cars were driven along the promenades, and it is like that right now. People are used to shorten their ways by driving along the boardwalks and city centre where only delivery trucks are allowed.

It used to be another way some time ago when the number of cars was limited, they used to be driven with less speed and the driver’s culture did not leave too much to be desired as it is nowadays.

A man wandering around his sidewalk, boardwalk or even leaving a shop has to be as careful as if he was walking a busy road and not a zone free of cars. It is all due to the fact that the cars are too fast and the drivers’ abilities to drive are insufficient.

One should not generalize though. There happen to be drivers who are capable of driving their vehicles well enough, who know the rules of driving and who do not pose a threat to the other users of the roads. Cars should, however, be banned from the city centres. It is impossible to prohibit the delivery trucks to drive up to the very shops but these are the private usual cars that should be outlawed from there and policemen should take care of it.

The truth is that nowadays such a strict prohibition would paralyse the cities. There would appear traffic jams, bottle necks and all the traffic would be congested, which would make people hit the roof.

To sum up I am in favour of banning the cars from the city centres as they pose a threat to pedestrians and disfigure the city centre making a car desert from it, which is furthermore polluting the city. The city centre should be showpiece and not a place filled up by stench, noise and wrecks.

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