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My favourite pet - Mój ulubiony zwierzak

Many people keep pets in their houses. Some of them love turtles, rats or lizards. Others prefer more sociable ones, like cats or dogs. Beyond any doubt, I am among those who like being given some affection by their pet. I know that because I have owned a turtle for many years and there has not been any bond between us. I could not play with her and I am pretty sure that she has been afraid of me all the time.

A few years ago my parents bought a cat. I fell in love with him from the very beginning. He was still a kitten when I saw him for the first time and I have to admit that he was adorable. Since then I have had four cats. Unfortunately, only the first one is still alive. Nevertheless, I can say it without hesitation – cats are my favourite pets.

Throughout all those years I could observe the way cats behave – how they play, hunt, clean their furs and adore me as well. From my point of view, these are really amazing animals. You will love them at first sight. Newborn ones are so cute that you can spend many hours watching them and you cannot help it. This is really an unforgettable experience. There are no other animals, which can be so funny while playing with wool or chasing a fake mouse. Many of my friends, especially female ones, are of the opinion that kittens are adorable and love watching them not only live but also in pictures.

While playing, cats mostly learn how to hunt. They are very skilled predators and all the mice and rats in the area should be afraid of them. Kittens need to play since it mimics hunting – it helps them learn more about how to capture and kill their prey. What is more, when there are at least two kittens, they may engage in play fighting. This is how they practice some skills needed in a real combat.

What is more, we can point out some features that are typical only of cats. For instance, they are known for their unusual cleanliness and they can spend much time licking their furs. Those who own cats know that they love doing that while lying on your belly. This is because cats regard their human keepers as their mothers. Maybe this is the reason why they show co much affection towards their human companions. However, they tend to show their dissatisfaction as well.

Cats are smart and incredibly nimble. They can climb trees and roofs. Surprisingly enough, they are often not able to get down and sometimes it may be necessary to call firefighters. However, they can do many other things, like manipulating some mechanisms. Many of them are able to open the door by themselves.

Although they have sharp claws and might hurt you at times, I really love cats. I have had lots of opportunities to watch them and enjoy their undeniable charm. To sum up, many people claim that these are the most adorable creatures in the whole world. What can I say? I couldn’t agree more.

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