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The pros and cons of working as a doctor - Plusy i minusy bycia lekarzem


They are frequently being portrayed in movies and TV series. Millions of people are interested in their work. Women, impressed with their knowledge and aware of how prestigious their profession is, constantly dream of dating them. Parents are proud if their child becomes one. Have you already guessed who I am talking about? You are right – all the previous sentences concern doctors.

Many of us would probably like to be in their place. Even though just a few years ago doctors in Poland could complain, especially about their salaries and working hours, their situation is much different now. Doctors in hospitals can earn more than lawyers nowadays. Needless to say that one can also work at home, being paid even better than in hospital. The effects of it are obvious. Doctors can afford to obtain various things, which are not available for an average person. The vast majority of them live in their own houses and not in blocks of flats. They can afford to buy expensive furniture, the best cars and spend holidays in the most desirable holiday destinations. To make a long story short – most of them do not have to save money.

From a man’s point of view, one may notice that women are incredibly attracted to doctors. There are some friends of mine who study...

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