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A description of your dream school - Opis twojej wymarzonej szkoły

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It is a really difficult topic to tackle what actually should an ideal school look like. Everybody knows that there is nothing perfect around us but everyone knows exactly well that people got used over the ages to make things as ideal as it is only possible. An ideal school is the more hard to define that it is something that is not really liked by to many of us. Did you like school when you were at the age of 15? I assume the answer is not.

People elder than the high school students would however recall their days spent in the school bench with nostalgia. The snap is that they do not miss the way the lessons where led, but the freedom and free time they used to have.

It seems obvious for us that modern technology makes the live easier but the point is to have a personal computer on each desk for every student. Furthermore, although multimedia lessons are far more interesting than normal lectures, they do not teach us the basis so they cannot be excluded entirely. It may seem to be boring to sit for two hours and count something on a piece of paper but it does not only teach us how to count without a calculator but it makes us more careful and it develops our mental abilities as well.

In my opinion a perfect school would be such a one in which there would...

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