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What invention do people find most important? (essay) - Które odkryć jest dla ludzi najważniejsze? (esej)

Young people appreciate cultural achievements and the progress of civilization. How the world would look like nowadays if a few thousands years ago our ancestors would not invent things that seem to be something normal now?

The most important invention was creation of a wheel. This is the very invention that looking back from the perspective of years contributed to increase the simplicity of communication and that simplified travelling long distances. How not to utilize this invention? It is widely used in bikes, cars or even airplanes.

The next highly important invention are the digits and the alphabet. How not to use the digits if everything is counted nowadays? The digits are everywhere – number plates, personal identity number, phone numbers etc. So what do we use the alphabet for? Their importance is out of question. How would you write a book with no letters? How would you text your friend without them? One could list for hours but we may be sure that the world would be worse without the letters.

The next invention that makes us think which thing created by a human is of greatest importance, however, regardless of the alphabet and the wheel, we may come to the conclusion that without electricity human nation would hardly be capable of surviving. Almost everything is nowadays powered with current beginning from light-bulbs and ending up with new hybrid vehicles. The current facilitates our mundane duties. With no current one would start the day at dawn and finish at the sunset.

For my generation it is impressible to allow something like that. With no current the civilizations would die out. Everything would stop on the spot and all the lights would go out. It would be the moment when the electricity would be appropriately appreciated.

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