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An ideal teacher (characteristics) - Idealny nauczyciel (charakterystyka)

Throughout all the years of our school education we have an opportunity to get to know many teachers. Even though their profession is the same they are completely different people. Some of them are calm, some nervous and fierce. There are the ones whose lessons are enchanting and the others who seem to be torturing themselves and their students alike. We can recall teachers who do not manage to keep the class silent and in contrast those who make you shake with fear.

Every teacher is different and we could argue if the one who is strict is better than the one who does not require so much effort from their students. However I suppose that most of our favourite teachers are quite similar. Many of them have the same features, which make them so special. Thus, what is an ideal teacher like?  

In my opinion, this would be a person who has a lot of patience and is tolerant. We all know that not every student is equally gifted. It may take some time till some children understand an issue. Not all the teachers are able to cope with this fact, though. They end up shouting at their students, at times even insulting them. Such people should definitely look for another job. An ideal teacher would be the one who keeps on explaining when not everything is clear.

As far as teachers are concerned there are also other features that we value. For instance passion in this profession is desirable. There is a huge difference between being taught by a person who loves doing their job and a person who hates it. It is easy to recognize both types of teachers. Even those who do not like a particular subject may listen to what their teacher is saying if there is passion in their words. In contrast it is very hard to focus on the topic if there is a teacher who lacks motivation and works at school only because he haven’t become a famous writer or a world-famous mathematician.

Moreover, teacher’s knowledge is also very important. An ideal teacher would be the one who is knowledgeable about their subject. A person who is about to teach others ought to be a specialist at least up to a point. Such a teacher is mostly being treated with respect by their students.

To sum up an ideal teacher should be patient and tolerant. What is more mathematicians should be experts on multiplication and historians ought to know more about Middle Ages than their students. Passion is also very significant – it seems impossible to encourage others to learn something, while we are not interested in the subject.

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