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Description of a character - Harry Potter - Opis bohatera książkowego - Harry Potter

The book character that I like and would like to describe is Harry Potter, the main character from the series of books by a British writer J.K. Rowling.

The series consists of seven books. In the first book of the 'Harry Potter' series Harry is eleven years old. In every successive book he is one year older and in the last book he is eighteen. He has short black hair and wears glasses. He also has a scar on his forehead.

The boy is an orphan and lives with his aunt, uncle and cousin but they don’t get on very well. He is a seemingly ordinary boy until he discovers that he possesses magical powers. He spends most of the time at Hogwarts – a school for wizards. Harry is a student there and learns how to use magic together with his best friends: Ron and Hermione. Harry does not only need to learn how to become a true wizard but he also has to fight the forces of evil. His greatest enemy is Lord Voldemort – an evil wizard who killed Harry’s parents. Voldemort, known also as 'He-Who-May-Not-Be-Named', at the beginning of the series is weak and doesn’t possess much power but in the course of action he is becoming more and more powerful. He wants to kill Harry and take control over the whole world. Harry of course doesn’t want that and together with his friends tries to stop Voldemort and other villains.

Harry Potter is a very good friend. He seldom quarrels with his friends and always tries to help people. He is brave and adventurous. He does not always listen to his teachers or obey the school rules but he does so in order to help his friends. He is very interested in magic. His favourite sport is quiddich and he is a very good quiddich player. It is a sport known only in the wizard world in which the players fly on brooms. Harry sometimes feels lonely and thinks that no one understands him.

I like this character a lot because he has many exciting adventures and often helps others.

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