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Do you think education is a key to success? (essay) - Czy myślisz, że edukacja jest kluczem do sukcesu? (esej)


According to a popular saying, education is the key to power. Since we were children, our parents and other adult relatives have repeated the same phrase. Thanks to rhymes it is easy to remember and therefore, although in some cases many years have passed since we last heard it, we could recite it without any mistakes even now. We can all agree that in our parents’ times this might have been true – education was of great importance and one’s status often depended on their degree. However, our times seem to be different. Graduating from a university is quite common nowadays. As a result, a degree does not mark you out anymore. What about education then? Is it really necessary to achieve success in life? Do young people still regard it as an essential part of their lives?

In order to answer these questions, it would be useful, if we defined the word 'success'. As we all know, it may mean different things for particular persons. However, considering the matter of education in terms of possible success, we can deduce that leading a happy family life is not what should be the subject of my deliberation. I will focus on career opportunities then.

All the researches show that not educated people experience serious difficulties while looking for a job....

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