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Adventages and disadvantages of being an only child - Wady i zalety bycia jedynakiem


According to recent demographic researches, less and less children are being born in developed countries every year. Only fifty years ago a typical family consisted of parents and at least two children. Since then everything has changed. While you can visit your uncles or aunts, it is very likely that your children will not have such an opportunity. Many of those who are teenagers now do not have any brothers or sisters. This is not how the situation looks like all around the world but in our region being the only child is much more common than it used to be ever before. I will try to present the most significant advantages and disadvantages of not having siblings.

As far as advantages are concerned, financial issues are of great importance. It is not easy to raise a child since it demands plenty of money. We can all agree that this is a big expense. Needless to say, two children cost much more, usually not twice as much, though. Parents often spoil their only child, providing them with everything they want. Therefore, such children can often afford to possess much more than their friends who have to share with their brothers and sisters. As a result, at the very beginning they have better toys and, as years go by, they are able to stick to the latest fashion trends more...

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