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My free time (description) - Mój czas wolny (opis)

Unfortunately I do not have as much free time as I wished to have, however it makes me make the most of every opportunity and encourages me not to spend my free time in front of TV or computer.

Luckily I have a gang of friends and we use to spend the time together, especially as far as weekends are concerned because one of us has a garden plot near the city and we can go there and relax being surrounded by nature after the whole school week. We often make there a bonfire and we sit around it, talk, tell some stories, play guitar and sing. I really enjoy the moments together because I am fully aware of the fact that in the future we will not be able to spend so much time together any more.

The snag about it is that the weather is not always good enough to sit around the bonfire on the garden plot. I use to stay at home then, brew some tea, lie down on a sofa with a book in my hand and read for hours. It is a perfect way to unwind when you read a detective story in a dark room and only a small bedside lamp lights the pages of the book.

When I am to tired for reading I often take my bike and ride it to the nearest forest where I can listen to the birds, or collect mushrooms. The scent of the trees and moss makes me calm down.

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