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Education in Polish schools - Edukacja w polskich szkołach


Having got to know more about it, I find the system of education in Poland much more complicated than I have expected. Fortunately, we are not obliged to be familiar with it. Even without detailed information, each of us can tell a lot about how the system works. Apart from that, we can also share our experience with others. Due to the fact that education in Poland is compulsory up to a certain age, almost everybody has to attend schools. Some of us tell funny stories about their school adventures, others would prefer not to talk about it at all and let this period fall into oblivion.

No matter the approach, education is at least for a few years obligatory and we can all agree that to some extent attending schools is beneficial. However, we forget that the whole process may not begin at school.

That is due to the fact that pre-school education exists as well. Children aged 3 – 5 may be taught but this is not compulsory. At the age of six the situation changes, since all the children are obliged to learn. At the very beginning, their parents choose from schools and kindergartens. Children have to attend one of them.

Initially, they do not spend much time learning. It lasts only a year, though. Seven year-old children begin their full-time compulsory...

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