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A letter to your parents from London where you came to study - List do rodziców z Londynu, gdzie przyjechałeś na studia

London, letter to parents


Dear Mom and Dad,

When I came here a month ago I didn’t realize that I could have so many problems in here. I thought everything would be just fine but, in fact, it turned out that living and studying here means a great challenge for me.

Nevertheless, the course I’m attending is really great and I think I won’t be disappointed that I have finally decided to study in London. Lecturers are really demanding but they can also explain most of the things pretty clearly. There is no point in comparing them to those in Poland – especially because they seem to behave more casually. You can always come and ask about some topics that you are particularly interested in. In Poland you can’t even think of it.

What is more, other students are very friendly. You don’t feel as if somebody competed with you. I wish it was the same in Cracow but I suppose that it is a matter of mentality. People studying here are more willing to get to know each other. I have already made friends with some of them and we are having a great time together.

However, as I mentioned before, not everything is perfect. I still have some problems with my English. It happens that I lack words and can’t say what I would like to. Maybe this is how it must be but you know how I hate not knowing something...

Aside from that, I really miss Polish food, especially mum’s dinners. I can agree that British cuisine is not among the best ones. I have already tried a few dishes and now I would feel sick if I had to eat a traditional English breakfast once again.

Fortunately, the world has changed so much that you can get Polish products in Great Britain too. I hope that I will come back home for Christmas and I’m sure that all the dishes prepared by mum will make up for the lack of tasty food in here. Hope to hear from you soon.



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