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Advantages and disadvantages of shopping online (essay) - Wady i zalety robienia zakupów w Internecie (rozprawka)

Not everybody likes traditional shopping. Especially men tend to complain, when they are forced to spend long hours with their wives or girlfriends, looking for clothes or jewellery. Nowadays it is not necessary to do the shopping this way, though. Instead of visiting hundreds of shops, one may sit in front of a computer and try to choose something through the Internet.

The on-line shopping has many unquestionable advantages. Firstly, you can buy almost everything without leaving your house. A lot of time may be saved this way. Instead of spending long hours in shops or moving from one to another, you just take part in a virtual journey while sitting in a chair. Especially in autumn and in winter this might be very convenient, as bad weather doesn’t affect you.

Secondly, there’s an advantage closely related to the preceding one. It can be noticed that traditional shopping is beyond any doubt much more tiring than its on-line substitute. Many of us appreciate that it’s possible to buy something without having to walk anywhere. Your legs are definitely in a worse condition, when you are forced to visit all the shops on your own.

Furthermore, while doing the shopping on-line, you have everything gathered in one place. It’s possible to look for a sports outfit, paintings, cars  and many other products almost at the same time. It seems highly improbable that you will find all this in one area, even if this is a huge shopping mall.

Shopping on-line has some disadvantages, though. First and foremost, a matter of examining products should be taken into consideration. Due to some obvious reasons this is not possible through the Internet, while it is mostly involved in traditional shopping. There is enough time to stop and check the quality of a certain product. Doing the shopping on-line we always take a risk – not everything in reality is exactly the same as in a picture.

Furthermore, while searching for clothes, we cannot try anything on. It seems to be a very serious disadvantage, since as a result we might choose something that will not fit. Those who are willing to buy shoes this way are about to face the same problem. Therefore, when we finally get what we’ve ordered, we will sometimes end up extremely disappointed. 

These are not the only disadvantages, though. We should remember that not everybody can be trusted. However, avoiding people who try to cheat on others is not always an easy task. Most of the shops do not disappear at once. Those who want to become rich in a dishonest way can get away with your money and never be found.

Last but not least, traditional shopping is a part of a social life. Especially women enjoy doing shopping with their friends. That is why shopping malls are full of them – chatting, having coffee and advising each other on the issue of clothes and jewellery. Shopping on-line lacks it, of course.

As we may see, shopping on-line has both advantages and disadvantages. Although it’s better to buy certain kinds of products in a more traditional way, doing it through the Internet can be very helpful. A lot of time might be saved this way. Thus, people who can’t waste any minute, will benefit from it for sure. However, those who prefer to do the shopping with their friends will probably not be satisfied with the on-line version of this activity.

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