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My favourite kind of music (description) - Mój ulubiony rodzaj muzyki (opis)

'Kiedy byłem małym chłopcem' what means 'When I was a young boy' are the lyrics of a well known Polish song. The song due to which I felt in love with music that is my passion now.

I tried to listen to many kinds of music as well classical as techno or dance. However, it was the classical music that sent shivers up and down my spine. It was what I was searching for. Strong sound of Bach’s melody accompanied by beautiful tone of violin. I realized eventually that there is something missing in this music. By the time I knew what it was I had been listening to almost everything even hip hop, rap and d&b. I needed some time to become aware of the fact that I was searching for a strong tone accompanied not only by violin but also by vocal and some reference to other cultures. That all was provided by rock music, rock and roll and even metal.

Many people do not see the depth, however listening to just a few hits like 'Bohemian Rapsody' for example should make one understand that rock music is not only mindless thudding and screaming. Rock includes everything: melody, tone, depth, vocal and lyrics that can move profoundly or make one slip into reverie. Be aware that not only Queen was capable of writing beautiful lyrics. There are bands in Poland (or there used to be) that are a flagship representative of rock music for each fan. Everybody knows at least one song by Perfect, Czesław Niemen or Republika.

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