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Describe your ideal house - Opisz swój wymarzony dom

Our house plays a very important role in our life. We spend the majority of our free time there. The most of events which are significant for the whole family also take place in the house. Even though it is just a building lots of people have some special feelings about it. In spite of them it happens that we dream of our ideal house – more spacious, better furnished, with all the luxuries. Especially those who live in blocks of flats would love to have a house on their own. I have thought of it many times and this is how it looks like.

My ideal house is situated in the country, in a secluded place. There is a lawn in front of it and just behind the lawn there are fruit trees. I keep a dog in there and therefore I’ve had to build a fence.

The house is not huge. It has only two floors since in a big one requires much effort to keep everything clean and I’m not fond of using vacuum cleaners or brooms. I haven’t thought of the colour yet but I’m pretty sure that I don’t want it to be white. I find this colour a bit depressing. Probably I will choose from orange and yellow since they seem to very optimistic. What is more there are shutters installed next to every window. I know that nowadays there are different more popular methods of ensuring oneself privacy but shutters remind me of my grandmother’s house which I truly admired.

Both floors differ from each other significantly. On the ground-floor there is a living room, a kitchen, a dining room and a toilet.

The kitchen floor is covered with ceramic tiles. There is not any table in there since, as I mentioned, there is a dining room instead. Therefore, the kitchen is very spacious and at least four people are able to prepare meals at the same time. It is really well-equipped. There is a dishwasher, a top class oven (because I love baking cakes) and a capacious refrigerator (it is essential since I live quite far from the nearest shops).

Between the living room and the dining room there is no wall. Thanks to that one can watch TV while eating dinner. There is a plywood floor in both rooms and a handmade carpet that covers a part of it. In the living room where I mostly rest after work there is a very comfortable sofa which I sit on while watching TV. The TV-set is situated just next to a chimney. I really enjoy spending evenings in there when the fire is burning and I gradually fall asleep.

On the first floor in turn there are three bedrooms and a study. Usually there is only one bedroom in use but from time to time I have some guests and all the bedrooms turn out to be useful. It’s worth mentioning that even though they look completely different, there are paintings in each of them – old ones and some modern ones as well.

My favourite part of the house is my study. I spend there most of my time writing novels and articles. Since I have to sit very long hours my chair is incredibly comfortable. The walls in there are painted orange, just like the house outside. It makes me feel more energetic and willing to create new plots.

As you can see my favourite house is not a big one but it is really cosy. I spend most of my time inside and I can’t say that I got bored. It still happens that I am amazed by its beauty. I wish I have such a house in the future.

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