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Describe your ideal house - Opisz swój wymarzony dom


Our house plays a very important role in our life. We spend the majority of our free time there. The most of events which are significant for the whole family also take place in the house. Even though it is just a building lots of people have some special feelings about it. In spite of them it happens that we dream of our ideal house – more spacious, better furnished, with all the luxuries. Especially those who live in blocks of flats would love to have a house on their own. I have thought of it many times and this is how it looks like.

My ideal house is situated in the country, in a secluded place. There is a lawn in front of it and just behind the lawn there are fruit trees. I keep a dog in there and therefore I’ve had to build a fence.

The house is not huge. It has only two floors since in a big one requires much effort to keep everything clean and I’m not fond of using vacuum cleaners or brooms. I haven’t thought of the colour yet but I’m pretty sure that I don’t want it to be white. I find this colour a bit depressing. Probably I will choose from orange and yellow since they seem to very optimistic. What is more there are shutters installed next to every window. I know that nowadays there are different more popular methods...

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