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Introducing Euro in Poland - for or against ? (opinion) - Wprowadzenie Euro w Polsce - za czy przeciw? (opinia)


To answer the question that was asked we have to consider both beneficial sides of introducing Euro as well as the drawbacks. First of all, unite currency helps the consumer. One may pay with the same currency in 12 countries with no need to exchange one’s money. Furthermore it is easier to compare and contrast the prices in different places all around European Union. What is good for levelling the prices is making the tax systems similar in all the member countries.

The inhabitants of the European Union countries that are not yet using Euro currency are frightened that Euro is not only advantages but disadvantages as well – like for example raised prices. Although Union politicians convince to round the prices down while converting into Euro it happened the other way round in some countries. There is no guarantee the merchants will restrict the politicians’ asks.

Polish firm and retail outlets are not prepared for currency exchange. People fear of falsifications as they not know too much about how the coins and banknotes look like and how they are protected against frauds.

There are bright sides as well. Economists claim Polish economy would stabilize after introducing Euro. There would be no transaction costs being caused by the need...

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