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A crime story - Opowiadanie kryminalne - strona 2

robbery, crime, crime story


concerned to succeed in stealing the money without a plan of how to take it from safes. The day of the robbery came. Just as planned John drove the van near the bank and Steve left it dressed in black with a balaclava-clad covering his head. He entered the bank holding the gun in front of him and screaming 'Hands up! Give me the money or I’ll shoot you!'. Suddenly a handful of policemen appeared from nowhere - 'Drop your weapon and raise your hands! Police!'. A little bit confused, Steve laid his pistol on the floor and lifted his hands in the air with his veins full of adrenaline pumping blood with a breathtaking speed.

He could not believe what happened. 'How did they know' - was he thinking. The moment he heard a loud screech of tires everything became clear - 'I was betrayed! I will get him!'.

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