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Studying abroad, for example in England - for or against? (essay) - Nauka zagranicą, na przykład w Anglii - za czy przeciw? (esej)


Since Poland joined European Union the borders to a better world are opened. We are capable of choosing the place we want to inhabit, where we want to live or continue our education. Almost everyone thinks sometimes about leaving Poland in order to increase their financial status. Some of the people come back, the others stay abroad forever. Due to the tendency to globalize and unite we ought to learn foreign languages that have to be used somewhere.

Making a decision concerning learning abroad is a really difficult task to do. Each action has both advantages and disadvantages. At the first glance we are offered huge possibilities. We are able to become acquainted with foreign culture and habits. One can improve their language skills while being in other countries as well as form friendships.

Graduating from a school that is abroad we are more likely to get a job in that country. It is easier to find own place in such a situation. Learning in such conditions may be even more fascinating, challenging and gives the opportunity to learn not only the culture of the country we are currently inhabiting but also the culture of students coming from all over the world.

Despite all the benefits this idea is often rejected. The amount of work and challenges can be...

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