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Smoking in public places - for or against? (opinion) - Palenie w miejscach publicznych - za czy przeciw? (opinia)

Smoking in public places should not be forbidden as there is no point in discriminating against smokers who are slaves to this addiction. It may become limited but not forbidden entirely.

I do think that recently the smokers are becoming deprived of their rights sufficiently – there are more and more places in which one must not smoke at all. There are even special places for smokers in pubs and cafes. If somebody is not suited by the cigarette smoke – inhaling it may be really dangerous as it is the cause of many heart and lungs diseases – they do not have to go to the pubs in which smoking is allowed, and when they decide to go to such a pub they should be aware of the existence of the smoke, and should not grumble about that.

I do think the problem is lack of proper ventilation that is the reason why even in clubs that are divided in smoking and non-smoking zones there are thick billows of smoke. The question concerning the prohibition of smoking in public places is controversial as one will always be capable of finding people who would disagree with allowing smokers to realize their addiction as well as people who are smokers themselves and who would be willing to smoke everywhere.

As far as I am concerned smoking in public places may be limited. However, one should not discriminate against smokers excessively by forbidding for example to smoke on their own balconies. One could conclude a treaty between smokers and non-smokers by installing better ventilation systems, however this would be followed by huge costs and restaurant owners are not willing to do that as they are not convinced that it would be profitable.

This problem remains unsolved since a very long time and I do think it will not be solved in the nearest future.

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