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Theatre play review - Recenzja sztuki teatralnej

Should you want to know, who killed, decide on your own – this ridiculous task is given to the audience of the play 'Szalone nożyczki'. How many times did you predict who was the criminal in the crime you were reading? While examining the circumstantial evidences, characters and the reasons for the character’s actions you would so many times choose the right person to be imprisoned. The race with the author in order to solve the riddle is the biggest pleasure in reading such books.

The authors of 'Szalone nożyczki' came to an idea to place that race in the theatre and make the audience to choose the criminal. The audience does not only have to display their memory and perceptiveness (the audience is asked to help in making a faithful reconstruction of events) but it also selects (via voting) the perpetrator. The play ends each time differently. Who will be chosen, ends up behind the bars.

Everything begins quite usually. In a hairdressing salon everybody performs their duties. Basia paints her nails, Tonio - wearing a flirtatious pink apron - cuts hair of his slightly dazzled client. Everybody knows how a hairdressing salon looks like and what rules there are so the viewer will not be surprised by treating the client like an object. It is made in a funny way, though.

The plot in the play commences. Subsequent heroes appear: a hoity-toity wife of a Member of Parliament, a grim businessman, a worker in his work clothes. One can hear sounds of the piano coming from above. The mysterious, once famous piano player will be the victim of a murderer who kills her with scissors, and who certainly was present in the salon.

What makes the play unique is cooperation with the audience that requires a gift for improvisation from the actors and local colour, as the play takes place in the city it is staged. Theatre sank into oblivion, however this is a play that may restore the splendour of the performances.

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