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English - passport to the future (essay) - Angielski - paszport do przyszłości (esej)

I don’t know when exactly I began to learn English. However, there is one thing, which I may be pretty sure of – I didn’t know why I had to learn all of this. At the very beginning, I wasn’t aware of the fact that foreign languages can be useful. Like other kids, I loved to explore new areas and English was certainly one of them. It must have been a long time ago since learning English seemed to be as entertaining at that time as playing football.

It took some time till I got to know that I could make use of English – not only during lessons at school. Maybe learning it wasn’t such a pleasure as it had been before, but I knew that everything I did was on purpose. I hoped that one day I would have the chance to use all those words in a real conversation. That one day it could help me somehow.

This is how I remember my attitude towards English in the past. Probably most of those who learn a foreign language have similar memories. When we are children, we don’t think about possible benefits from learning languages at all. It takes time till we realize, how useful it might be. As far as English is concerned we may never be fully aware of its usefulness, though. This is the most popular language in the world and therefore it’s almost impossible to enlist all the situations, in which it may be needed.

English nowadays is like Latin in Medieval Europe. It’s even more popular, since not only the richest ones use it. Honestly speaking, there are not many regions in the world, where nobody speaks English. Although in Poland this language is not in common use, it is becoming more and more popular in our country. People of my age can speak English fairly fluently, contrary to older ones. Unfortunately, even the most significant persons in Polish governments are not familiar with it. Therefore we can still recall our Prime Minister who lacked the vocabulary and had to repeat 'yes, yes, yes'.

If you don’t want anybody to be laughing at you, English is essential. However, this is not only about laughter. While at high school one may fail to imagine, how important it might be in their future. Have you ever watched 'Miś' by Stanisław Bareja? The main character, Ryszard Ochódzki, had severe problems in a bank, because he couldn’t speak English at all. If you happen to be in a British bank, you may appreciate that you have been learning English for so long.

All the previous issues are important, but what really matters, is your future. With English it’s bound to be much easier. And it’s not only because it will boost your chances when you apply for a job as a waiter in London. If you want to study abroad or work there, English will certainly be of help. In some international companies it’s even required – not only abroad, but in their Polish branches too. What is more, it’s not enough to be familiar with basic words or phrases. Employers are very demanding nowadays and the most prestigious ones will never hire a person, who is not able to communicate in English.

As you can see, English might be useful everywhere. Required at work, it may be your passport to the future – to better posts and higher salaries. Employers will undoubtedly appreciate your language skills. There are really few situations, in which it would be better, if you didn’t know English. I happened to be abroad a few years ago. There I was insulted by a man in his forties, who told some unpleasant things about me in English. At that time it would’ve been better for me, if I hadn’t known the language.

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