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My dream job (description) - Moja wymarzona praca (opis)


I have always wanted to teach in the first three classes of the primary school. When I was young, my parents used to work till late at night, and the person who took care of me was my wonderful, young auntie. My aunt was a teacher in the first three classes of the primary school. She would tell me about her foster children and take me on the carnival and Andrew’s Eve parties. I still remember staying in the window and waving to my auntie while she was walking to school. I used to dream that I will every morning go walking at a fast pace to school in order to teach small children.

I think I poses all the features characteristic for a good teacher. I am patient and understanding. Furthermore I am very tolerant and I do not hold grudges. I rarely get emotionally involved, which contrary to popular belief is a huge advantage. We all have experienced classes with an effusive teacher not capable of mastering his emotions. It is never a positive experience. I am a perfectionist so there is no such possibility that I would come unprepared to carry on the lesson. Last but not least I have a voice full of strength and a perfect diction.

I like children very much. They do not make me hit the roof, even when they are asking dozens of questions which are hard to answer....

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