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Friendship or love is the most important in life? (essay) - Przyjaźń czy miłość jest najważniejsza w życiu?

What is friendship? According to me it is a feeling that ties someone with the other persons and that is based on kindness, honesty and trust. You can rely always on your friend. Friendship is selfless, lifelong, real, responsible and sincere. It is a very special feeling as it emerges from our minds. It is like a bridge linking two banks of the river. It is created on the basis of understanding in a conscious way. Friendship is such a relation that ties but does not hinder.

It is said that friendship is like money – one can relatively easy gain it, however it is very likely to be lost. After acquiring a friend one has to care for him and nurture this feeling.

What is love then? Love is the greatest force known to human beings – it is not to be described by words. It can be both the cause of the greatest pain and suffering and of the greatest joys. One cannot feel real happiness without love. There are many kinds of it – parental love, platonic love, love for somebody, however it is always kind of attachment to somebody, cherishing, a feeling that is ardent and sincere. It is a feeling that makes someone be more willing to give, than to receive.

But which of these two feelings is of bigger importance?

Should you measure by the depth of the feeling, its power, influence - than love would be the most important feeling one would not be able to survive without. However, it is said that love links hearts, and friendship ties minds.

Friendship is likely to exist with no love but a real love is the opposite. It cannot exist without that link of minds. People would last connected by friendship, they would be linked by mutual respect, kindness and devotion. Although there would be no love between the friends, the friendship would last. On the other hand love requires friendship to be lasting. Love without friendship is not love but simple and common infatuation that is worthless in comparison to being friends

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