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Advantages and disadvantages of life on retirement

Most of us have never thought of being retired. This may be an odd vision and undoubtedly seems to be a very distant one. However, it is also unquestionable that once we are going to reach a certain age in which we will not be fit enough to work. Although it may be hard to imagine such a situation, all of us know some people who already are pensioners. For instance our grandparents are among them. Even if an issue of being retired is not considered to be particularly absorbing, I suppose that everybody may enumerate advantages and disadvantages of it.

Many people who have to wake up early in the morning not to be late for work, sometimes mention that they would love to be in retirement. Working long hours, coming home late, they do not have any time to live their lives and do anything for pleasure. One may even forget some day that they used to have a hobby. According to those hard-working employees, retiring means more time for entertainment – you can do whatever you want. You can wake up late, stay all day in pyjamas and instead of listening to your boss blaming everything on you, you may watch TV or take up new hobbies.

At work, you cannot take a break whenever you want, whereas in retirement you may benefit from an eternal break. As a result, you do not have to ask anybody for permission if you want to go on a trip. At the same time those who work have to take a leave if they want to rest or to take a journey. 

What is more, it seems that pensioners should be less tired than those who spend most of their time at work. Apart from it, their mood may be better since they are not exposed to as many stressful situations as workers. Probably a great number of those who feel exhausted after having finished their day at work, fell so because of the atmosphere in there. Persons who have already retired do not have to face that kind of problems anymore.

However, it is hard to regard life in retirement as paradise. If we are not creative enough to make use of it or if there are other obstacles, which are independent of us, being a retired person may be disappointing. Depending on a country, pensioners are wealthy or live in poverty. In Poland for example, pensions are very low. Therefore, most of the people try to save money while being younger to get by on retiring. Contrary to people of their age, living in Western Europe, Polish pensioners mostly cannot afford to travel abroad. The vast majority of them is only able to satisfy their basic needs. This is obviously a huge disadvantage of being retired in our country.

Moreover, although retired people can rest all day, most of them are not able to appreciate it. Although we are only about to discuss the matter of life on retirement, we should consider advantages and disadvantages in terms of age. Unless we do it, we will not see the whole issue from a proper perspective. Meanwhile, pensioners are often too old to search for opportunities or discover new things. Having worked for thirty years or even more, they already are tired a great number of them suffer from serious diseases.

Apart from that, many people experience loneliness while on retirement. Especially for those who lost their spouses or whose family members do not care about them, life on retirement can be very painful. Even if they are physically in good condition, they might find it hard to fully benefit from it.

To sum up, depending on a case, life on retirement can be wonderful or depressing. If there is enough money and a person does not suffer from severe diseases, one may enjoy this time a lot. On the other hand, due to the lack of money and weakness, it can be regarded as the worst thing that may happen to us. Thus, we should consider the matter in context.

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