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When I was a child... Adventures and memories - Kiedy byłem dzieckiem... Przygody i wspomnienia


Yesterday, while cleaning up the house, I found an old photo album. I was a bit tired so I decided to sit down for a while and check if there was anything interesting in it. Mostly there is nothing that may catch my attention – usually I turn pages really quickly since I do not want to waste my time looking at numerous birthday party pictures. However yesterday it turned out that not every photo is so predictable and I found some unusual ones. The ones I came across brought back memories. In those photographs I could see a place which had been very special to me when I’d been a teenager. There was a gold mine. Not a usual one, far from that. It was an abandoned drift mine.

When I was a kid there wasn’t any gold mine still working. Every mine in the city area (there were three of them) had been closed down before I was born since it had run out of gold. However children could still go and play there. Adits were not protected and therefore it soon became the most popular place with local kids and teenagers. I was obviously one of them.

Mostly I visited one of the mines since it took only half an hour to get there from my house. I called the mine 'my favourite haunted house ever' cause I used to make fun of other visitors to the mine and, along with...

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